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A study there shows that in just one two-mile stretch, wildlife-vehicle crashes reduced from an average of 12 a year to , reducing costs of. After years of research, biologists agree that roads and traffic lead to habitat fragmentation, isolation and road kill. Located north of Ellenbrook, the bridge will connect bushland known to house abundant wildlife. At 12 metres wide, it will provide a natural route that. The fundamental aim of fauna underpasses is to allow native animals unrestricted access to habitat that has been fragmented by the construction of a road. Under. The vast network of roads around the world has had a significant effect on wildlife and ecosystems through habitat fragmentation, reduced dispersal and. He said state road agencies were putting in place strategies to reduce the impact on wildlife, but none catered for gliding mammals. "These. Wildlife Crossings. Bridges and tunnels specifically designed for animals can reduce the environmental impact of highways. Grades. 3 - 12+. Construction on a unique fauna bridge over the Tonkin Highway is under way in a first for the state's road network. In Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, the Compton Road fauna overpass traverses a four–lane road, facilitating connectivity for mammals. “You can get reductions of 85 to 95 percent with crossings and fencing that guide animals under or over highways,” said Rob Ament, the road.

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